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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

vacation pictures

Well, not from a real vacation, but the vacation I've been having in Second Life. (click on the pictures to make them bigger)


First, Duke at the Israel airport. In Duke - Book 3: Transformations, Duke and Mike go to Israel. I've never been to Israel so I did research online, but with Second Life I was able to visit! In the airport picture, if you look in the background you'll see those lime-green chairs that I mention in the book. I've got tons of pictures of lime-green chairs, almost every seat in Israel was lime-green! Duke and Mike did go to the Western/Wailing Wall and placed their prayers in the wall. In Second Life, not only does your prayer appear in the wall but, if you fill out a form, the prayer makes it to the actual wall! The beach in Tel Aviv, unfortunately not the nude beach they spent so much time on. And the night sky in Israel, the actual night sky. The Israel Museum, and just hanging out.

Duke in ancient Rome . . .

Duke at the Star Trek museum . . .

And how cool is this! I published Duke - Book 1: Alpha Rising in Second Life. It's a readable book, the prologue only, but comes with a code for a FREE copy of the eBook.

Duke at my writing desk, Duke in his new 'dog' helmet, my/Duke's apartment, and Benno; we wore the same outfit to the beach in Boystown and ended up, well, hitting it off . . .

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