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Sunday, May 19, 2013


I did, sort of . . . I've been playing around with Second Life, the online virtual world. I can waste hours on there customizing, exploring, and hooking up . . . yes, a lot of it is sex, you don't just buy a bed for your bedroom, but a sex bed, you don't just buy furniture for the living room, but sex furniture, and, of course, the cocks. Beside that though, there's lots to do and see . . . and I guess I'll get to that at some point. No, I've been good. I've been to museums, clubs, VR atmospheres, and shopping. Here's me, my avatar. I visited a business to look into Second Life publishing, (which would be awesome), and hanging out:

And then I had this bright idea and brought Duke to Second Life! He's a fully-formed avatar that I've been tweaking for days. I've tried every shape, skin, and hair and played with those controls down to the most minute detail and I finally got someone that I say is Duke:

Now people who read this series and enjoy Duke can come to Second Life and hang out with him, how cool is that!

I think this is a great tool for creative types, especially writers, to work with and develop characters and check out settings. I'm no artist, but I have a model of my character to take pictures of that I could use for book covers. In Duke 3, they went to Tel Aviv. I've never been to Tel Aviv, I did research online, but with Second Life I could've visited Tel Aviv!

So join up, come by and hang out! If you're new, I can show you the ropes . . .

(In Second Life, under 'World', do a 'search' for me, scavola)

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