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Monday, August 17, 2015


I wrote this for a school project when I was like twelve or thirteen:

Born to Ban as Galahad,
the King of Bain was his dad.
He was stolen as a tot
and was renamed Lancelot.
Away he went with Vivian
never to be seen again.
The Lady of the Lake raised him well
and much blood he did spill
for he was the greatest knight
and he won every fight.
His equal had not been found
until he began to roam around.
He met up with King Arthur young
and a battle was begun.
They did battle from noon to night
until Lancelot met his plight,
but because he won with a magical sword
Arthur gave him a reward.
The king made him champion
and with him many battles won.
Thus Arthur made his first mistake
when Guinevere he had to take
to his new castle in Camelot
and he chose her to be taken by Lancelot.
And later when Guinevere he saw,
he fell in love and dropped his jaw.
This was true love at first sight
and his tongue he did bite
for this maiden true and fair
was the queen of King Arthur.
“What shall happen to me now?,
he pondered on his desperate brow,
“I’ll defend my king through thick and thin
but Guinevere’s heart I wish to win.”
They traveled on past church and farm
then Guin gave Lance a tap on the arm.
“The maidens in the coach so small
wish for you to have them all.
But to one man goes one wife
so help them to end their strife.
Which one of them will you choose
for they all have sent their woos?”
“My queen so lovely Guinevere,
tell them not to despair
you’re so kind, sweet, and cleaver
and I’ll love you for forever.”
With this statement he did start
a conflict that tore the king apart.
But this trouble was not yet started
until Lance and Guin departed.
They went out one summer day
to take a role in the hay.
In the middle of their passion
they were caught in a wizardly fashion.
Merlin reported this to his master,
news of this great disaster.
Boy King Arthur’s patience was spent
and away to the forest by himself he went.
He went off to kill them both,
his favorite knight and his betrothed.
He went to them and raised his sword
but could not kill those he adored.
They were sleeping, they were still
while King Arthur fought his will.
Into a rock his sword he thrust
to tell them he knew of their lust.
And when Lance awoke next morning fair,
he ran away in despair,
for his king had sought him out
and Guinevere began to pout.
“The King hates us!”, she sadly stated
and to the church she was now dedicated.
She became the sister of a divine order
while Lancelot fled to the border
for far away in a distant land
he became the hermit Galahad.
And in this state he did die
for he lived a sinful life.
Because he’s dead, my tale is told,
the tale of Lancelot of the age of old.

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